The Dorm

The American School Dorm is the home for most of the students who attend the American School. It is lead by a couple, John and Cathy Larson, who try to make living at the dorm as close as possible to living in a family.

Snack time at the dorm is 10:00 each morning during school break. Shown here are the dorm parent, teachers, a mother and a few students.
Friday night is movie night when we watch videos brought in by the last world traveler. This evening was special, since someone had made ice cream. Dress up is a common pass time for the younger set.
Thanksgiving dinner at the dorm. Many parents and guests are often present. We had goose, dressing, cranberry (made from Zima), and pumpkin pie. A great deal of effort goes into making the children feel happy and at home.
The children enjoy the swimming pool very much. It is a source of much fun and a good place to exercise in the constant hot weather.