The School

The American School is a small school run by the department of Global Missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. This boarding school is 50 years old. The students are all children of missionaries. There are from 8 to 12 students grades 1-8, and two teachers. The four room school is surprisingly well equipped with a 3000 volume library and completely modern computer system. The students live in a dorm headed by dorm parents.

Each morning the students line up for class in from of the school. Pictures here are Andry, Ihoby, Valerie, Luke, Jeremy, Thea, Leah and Alyssa
Here is Math class with the first and second graders.
Here is Math class with the seventh and eighth graders.
The school has three fine computers. The students learn Windows 95, use of multi media, and write most of their written work is done in WordPerfect 7.0. This Internet page was made in part by our students. They have access to many DC-ROM encyclopedias, as well as interactive science and social studies games.
In Art class these very creative students again shine.
Here the students show off their physical abilities.
On Wednesday the children of the near by seminary students join us for French Club. This organization tries to create better relations between the African children and ours.
The Christmas Program