The Village Of Garoua Boulai

The village is a small town on the far eastern border of Cameroon where the Trans-African highway crosses in to The Central African Republic. The folks here are mostly farmers growing maniac for there families, and a few fruits and vegetables for sale. The average income is $1-2 per day per family. They need very little and therefore are a very happy people.

Here the local merchants are selling beef in the meat market.
Shown here are some of the products available in Garoua Boulai. Pictured are green beans, cucumbers, carrots, and peanut butter. Beef, tomatoes, onions, avocados, and potatoes. Bananas, oranges, eggs, dried beans, and French bread.
A Fulani herdsman proudly showing off his cattle.
Villager get water from the water source near our compound. The water from this spring is clear and cool.
Children are usually the major carriers of the water.
Another source of water is a beautiful stream about 2 km from the village.
Overlooking the area around the village, we stand on the top of the city water tower. The climb was a Saturday morning activity for the students.

This is a view of our station for the water tower.
I stopped to help this fellow fix his Honda one afternoon. The work was more talk than help, but eventually it ran.