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Energy and the environment:
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Here is a great explanation of why:
1. Future electrical power plants must be state of the art nuclear and coal fired plants.
2. Natural gas should be saved for home heating.
3. Ground transportation should look toward electricity, or hybrid.
4. We should be saving oil for use in Air travel of the future.

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Summery of Topics:
1. Encourage the use of Plug In Hybrid cars for most commuting.
2. Install power distribution lines over Interstates for electric trucks.
3. Develop better Batteries.
4. Build many new Coal and Nuclear power plants.
5. Work on developing the Nuclear Fusion process.
6. Reduce production of Ethanol from corn.

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1. Why our efforts towards curbing Global Warming may be futile.

2. Rather, we should be spending our efforts learning how to live with Global Warming.