Left/Right Brain and How It Affects Your World View?


Recently, I was listening to a program entitled "Left Brain, Right Brain And How It Affects Your World View". This brain expert pointed out how the left brain is more interested in progress towards a goal, while the creative right brain notices a verity of ways to solve the problem.


The left brained person will quickly analyze the problem and then get right to work implementing the solution. They then bore right in and work hard on their solution with no additional interest in whether the solution is correct or not. They move in on an idea and concentrate on just that problem without consideration for any other ideas. Left brainers are often driven to one aim and usually get it done. Problem is it may not have been the best idea in the first place, but they don't think of that.


On the other hand the creative right brained person views the problem from a much wider perspective. This person can much more easily see many different solutions. He or she will probable spend more time in selecting the right solution before moving on to solve the problem. In addition, as they work on the solution, they are still open to new ideas that may arise, and could indicate they are on the wrong road. It will take the right brained person longer to solve the problem, but it is more likely to be a better solution.


This presenter then went on to state that he felt that oriental leaders tended to be right brained, while the western world leaders tended to be left brained.


In other words, the westerners are more likely to jump into a problem and go whole hog on the first solution they come up with, and ram that one through without giving any farther thought to weather it is the best solution. Now, of course that is an over simplification, but hopefully it gets the general idea across.


The Orientals on the other hand are more likely to come up with a verity of solutions in the first place, or at least come up with them as they get into the problem. Because of their changeable nature, they will take longer to get finished, but the solution is more likely to be the best. Their perceived wishy-washy nature may get them criticized by some. 


Now I am not sure that this fellow is completely right about left brain, right brain being the reason for the difference between eastern and western thinking, but I believe one point really rings true. I believe westerners are far too likely to jump on one solution and drive it through without adequate study on whether it is the best solution.


Case in point: We have a problem, Global Warming. We have a solution: cut back on carbon dioxide production, i.e. stop burning fossil fuels. There it is, the one solution. That is it, lets go, lets get this done. We spent maybe a few hundred thousand dollars getting this solution and now we are ready to spend forty billon to implement it. Are there other considerations? Of Course. We know that world temperatures fluctuate up and down every thousand years or so, but we don't know why. Throw one billion dollars at solving that problem, and I am sure we would have an answer. Or, lets spend a few of those billons of dollars on learning how to live with the problem, moving crops locations, discourage building in low seacoast areas, build aqueducts, etc.


We had the same way of thinking with our with our financial bailout. Go whole hog on the initial ideas with out much concern about if they are working.


We are doing much better on our problem of how to get off foreign oil. We are approaching the problem more slowly and considering many solutions.


We may be able to learn a lot from those creative right brainers.