Kona, Hawaii 2008-2009

I am among about 50 volunteers who have come to Kona to help with construction and other jobs here. They are called "Mission Builders" and have come for a stay of from one to three months during the winter to help at this, the biggest YWAM base. This base is called the University of the Nations and is truly a university. Most of us are working on a new building that will house about 100 students and some staff. Many of the workers are retired couples, and their wives help all over the base in libraries, food service and the like.

There is a flag flown for each country represented at the University. Only one or two of the 42 flag polls are ever left empty!

The campus is covered with tropical trees and flowers.


Sunday morning we go to the church by the Sea.

The downtown waterfront is only a few minutes for our home and often I walk down to see the sunset.

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