Our Work

Most of the Mission Builders work on two buildings that will each hold about 100 students and their families. Our crew, however, worked on The Kings Mansion a lot, because we could not get electrial permits for work on those buildings. In Hawaii those permits take a very long time.

The finished building in 2009

Work on the building in 2008

Some of the crews worked on re-roofing the dining hall.

Work at the Mansion

The Mansion is located 10 miles south of town and at 1500 ft elevation so it is cooler out there. The grounds are gorgeous with many tropical flowers and trees. There are guava, mango, avocado, orange, banana, grapefruit and many other trees, so we always have fruit on the table. The views out those second story windows are breathtaking. The structure was built in the mid 1800s and had become unsafe. So a few years ago it was gutted and rebuilt. They are now ready for electrical, and we were asked to work on that.



My crew got a hold of my camera. They said this picture should be labeled,"Well what do you suppose they meant by that?"

One day we had a wild thunderstorm that dumped 2 inches of rain. The storm was fun to view and hear while in that old historic building.
Later back at Kona the storm continued with thunder and flash flood warnings.

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