Tenderfoot Camp 2009

Phil, Tim, Pete, Tristan and Allison

The area we use, is located in beautiful rolling mountains half covered with pines and the other half with grass. There is a fine trout stream running down the valley. This mountain valley is only accessible over a 6,600 ft pass and the roads leave some to be desired.

This is the camp I have used since before my children were born. Now their children are enjoying it.
This event took place during the school's MEA vacation as it has for decades.
The last few years that vacation has not been during the big game season, so we fish and hunt grouse.

The second day we decide to head down the stream to fish.

The roads were not so great, as the recent snow had just melted, but it was loads of fun.
Pete's new Jeep Rubicon was fantastic. It pulled out the ATV's a few times,
but there were time when it had to be winched out.

Five miles down stream, we found a beautiful meadow for lunch and some fishing.

Back at camp we had stew made by Pete and many trimming by every one else.
This usually included the catch of the day, fish or fowl.

The next day we decided to travel higher, on the other side of the valley.
The roads were much better but not perfect.


Pete decided that the road marked for "ATV only, No Jeeps" was just that,
and decided the spend an hour on the hill top listening to the "Griz Game".
After a few minutes he heard an elk bugle! He crawled to the edge of the hill and a hundred yards below
were nearly a hundred elk, many bulls, too bad the season wasn't open.
Elk Pictures Later

Mean while, Tim and I, each carrying a kid,
headed the ATVs up to the very top of the mountain at 7,500 ft.

The scenery was spectacular.

After another great night at camp, and then we had to head back home.

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