The Great Elk Hunt and Family Campout of 2012
This year the hunting/campout happened over about a month and so I am breaking it into "Phases"

Overview of the phases

Phase One - Elk Viewing - Sept 29

Elk Veiwing and Camping in the Charlie Russell Wildlife Refuge


Phase Two - The Trophy Hunt
- Oct 20
This year Tim has finally drawn out for the coveted Bull Tag, so he heads out alone.
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Tim hunts for several days seeing elk everyday, but not the trophy.
He camps by the road and takes has mountain bike in each day.
Finally on the third day of this Hunt Of A Lifetime...

He is sitting watching several big bulls and cows considering how big they are, but they disappear.
But behind them comes... The Trophy. One shot and it is down, one more to be sure.


Phase Three - The Family Camp/Hunt - Nov 3

The hunting Gang is headed in for more Elk

It is down, and now it is time for the hard work.

With Lots of help it goes well

Finally it is time to relax


A day on the north side of the highway nets deer for the Gillespie boys

A big part of the camp is riding the ATVs, both for hunters and kids

Tim, Greg, and Dad had a nice ATV hunt. This concluded in a great stalk. Where did they go?

Oh, that is where they went!

Phase Four - The Storm - Nov 7

The forecasts are clear, it will be bad, we must prepare, and we do well.

The fire burns brightly as the storm rages on.

With the blizzard outside, we are warm with our wine and cheese party

Phil is snug in his pickup at 4 degrees as long as Harold's generator doesn't run out of gas.

Camp is beautiful with all that snow

After the storm, and all is frozen,

Tim ropes a deer, but it gets away, then Caleb jumps on and finally gets it under control.

End of a Great Hunt