San Juan Trip 2005
Dave, Bim, Heidi, and Zoë on Second Wind

5-16 We put the boat in the boat at 9 am and headed out around Anacortes thru the rain. We stopped at James Island for a nice lunch. James is a very nice island for a picnic or even overnight if a buoy is available.

There are 3 buoys on the east side. Then we motored on thru the San Juans to Roche Harbor were we stopped and visited. It is very quite. Then on to English Camp. The evening turn very nice. There were about 17 Canadian boats from Calgary, and we accused them of trying to take back English camp again. They were having a great party on the dock

5-17 Up at 8 and off for Victoria Inner Harbor. Breakfast on the boat. Wind was from the west and we had some side waves. By 11 we were in port and there was Heidi and Zoë! We had lunch and then hiked all around the inner harbor. Zoë and I went to visit the underwater gardens.

It was fairly nice. We had snacks in the boat later, and got to bed early.

5-18 Up at 8 and breakfast. Then off to Johns Place for Breakfast--a Great breakfast. Then we were off to the Provincial Museum. The mammoth scene was the greatest improvement-even had real ice. Zoë had a great time. We stayed until 3 pm. Then back to the boat to play with Zoë. We had ice cream for dinner.

5-19 Up at 8 with a trip to the bakery for fresh rolls. Then we headed out of the harbor. The day was somewhat sunny at first, and calm. We went back thru islands and then north. By then the wind and drizzle had started, but we were cozy in our boat. By 2 pm we were in Sidney. We tied up and headed out on a walk around the town. We looked all around and then got groceries. The sun has come out again. Back at the boat Dave, Zoë and I went around the marina in the dinghy. Then some went on a beach hike. Finally, we all had dinner of chicken, salad, fresh French bread, and clam chowder. The evening was spent listening to music and talking, talking and talking.

5-20 Up at 8:30 and clean up and pack up the boat. Then at 10 we headed out north thru the islands and on to Portland island. We anchored at Royal Cove as the sun came out.

We ate lunch of fresh Sydney Bakery rolls. Then off to the NE point. We looked over tide pools and lay in the sun on rocks.


Next, we walked south to the Pillow Ilets. By then the gray clouds had come up and ti was starting to drizzle. By the time we hit the south bay it was really raining. We took shelter under a sign, but eventually headed back. Back in the boat we started the generator and heater. We spent the whole evening in the boat making dinner of Mac & Cheeses and hot dogs, and telling many stories looking at pictures as it rained.

5-21 Up at 8 to some sun. We headed off to the NE point to look at tide pools. We saw sea stars, sea urchins, big leaves of iridescent weed, sea worms, and all in some sun. At noon we headed back to the boat and off north past Saltspring Island. We were in a huge sailboat race the whole time. When we headed into Montague, so did all the sailboats. The harbor was very full, so we went around to the north side. There was also a hefty south wind and so we tucked in close to the shore right by Gray Island with a line to shore. We were about the only boat in the whole area in very calm water. We went to the shore and hiked over to the dock. There is a tide pool exhibit building on the dock and we spent a long time there looking at sea animals and talking with other kids (Clowie). Suddenly it started to storm and we hurried back to the boat. Later though the weather clear some and I walked to the campground while Dave and Zoë went in the dinghy. Later in the boat we all made dinner while listening to old "Peter Paul and Mary" tapes. It was a cozy evening in the boat while we listened to reports of hurricane force winds at the north end of Vancouver Island.

5-23 Up at 8:30 and off south. We passed Active Pass, Main island, and had lunch in a small cove on North Pender. Rain, rain, rain. Finally we headed over to Winter Cove on Saturna. There we anchored and hiked around by Boat Pass. That is a very nice park, and a good anchorage.

Later back in the boat, we again had a cozy evening listening to music and reading. When it is cold like this, we run the generator and the 1000 watt heater in the cabin.

5-24 Up at 8 and off to port Browning. What is this, the day is clearing, a west wind is rising, and the best forecast we have heard in a week. By the time we hit Browning, it is clear and warm, how great finally. We park and walk up to the little village shopping center, where we buy groceries and a stuffed animal for Zoë. Then back to the boat and on over thru the Pender Passage to Bedwell.


In minutes we were in the pool. It is now nice and warm and completely clear. We swam until 6 pm and then dinner on the dock. After dinner we hike to cell phone point and call Shirley. After dark, we looked at stars and dock shrimp.

5-25 Up at 9. Dave and I went off on the dinghy to walk at Beaufort Park. It is a really perfect day. I take many many pictures.

Meanwhile Zoë is getting a manicure at the spa. At noon, we are all together again and head for the pool. We have lunch there and stay until 4pm. Then we assemble a dinner and head off for Beaufort for a picnic. It is warm as we set up our picnic of rice, chicken, and broccoli. After dinner Zoë wants to play by the water and we all go down to watch her wade and play on the rocks. We are all waiting to see her get wet, but she is very agile and stays dry until right at the last. The evening was a perfect one and we enjoyed it very much. Later that evening we watched stars.


5-26 Up at 8 and off towards Sydney. Another gorgeous day. We pass the park on the southeast point of Moresby island, then on past many islands and into Sydney. At Sydney, we put our clothes in a washer and headed out for lunch-my birthday lunch. Later we all have to say goodbye as Heidi and Zoë had to catch a plane soon. Dave and I head for a large Safeway to stock up on food for the rest of the trip. Then we remember, we can't get most of what we want since we can't carry fresh meats, fruits or veggies into the US. We get what we can. Then we are headed off to the USA. We crossed Haro Strait seeing porpoises. At Roche Harbor we learned that customs was no longer in use, so we had to motor all the way down to Friday Harbor to cross. On the way we make dinner of chicken and broccoli. Then, we motored north to Jones Island in the last of the twilight. I sat at the table viewing my computer, which was driven off my GPS and steered the boat using the remote for the autopilot. Dave stayed atop watching for boats or logs. At Jones we anchored in the south cove by ourselves. However, a large schooner soon comes in next to us and anchors within the scope of our anchor. We kind of complained, but they said they had kids to drop off for camping. They did and 10 or so went to shore. Wind was from the north giving us a nice calm cove for the night. We have traveled 40 miles today.

5-27 Up at 8 to catch the tides and head north. On this beautiful clear calm morning, we motored north past Flattop, Spieden, Johns, Satellite, and finally Stuart Island. We find a spot on the dock at Provost Harbor. After lunch we head up to the school. There we were delighted to find that a new teacher had come who has four children and two more had arrived on Stuart south who walk over each day. They were all out played in the yard. The Tee shirts were as usual. We played with the children for a while. Back at the boat we lazed around for a few hours. Then we prepared a dinner of chili dogs, corn and soda. We put it all in our packsacks and dinghied off to the county dock. From there we hiked to the lighthouse, where we sat on the porch and made dinner. While eating, we watch many ships go by including two large cruise ships. Next, we hiked up to watch the sunset at Whale Watching Point. Dave was sitting near the cliff and flicked a fly off him and sent his glasses over the cliff. We could even see they about 40 ft below on a tiny ledge. We were not so dumb as to try to get them. He had a second pair in his back. The sunset was stunning from there. Finally we hiked and dinghied back in the dark.


5-28 Up at 8 to another perfect day. We took a long dinghy trip around the cove walking some on Satellite Island. Later we motored on over to the west point of Waldron for a time and then on to Shallow Bay on Sucia. There were many small boats anchored with tents on shore.

There was a group of 5 families, one from Bemidji. We spent a time talking with them. There were also a boy and girl making a sand castle who mentioned their boat was leaking badly and would have to go home tomorrow. After dinner we hiked the Lawson Bluff trail at dusk. The night was still and clear.

5-29 Up at 8 to one more gorgeous day. Breakfast of Eggs and ham. Then we hike 2 miles down to Ewing Cove. The trail is along the shores of Echo bay with many fine vistas.

We also hike around the end of Ewing to see the open Georgian Straits. Back at Shallow bay we find our friends with the leaky boat. They have decided to stick it out. We encourage them and even go out to look over the leakage. None of us can determine exactly where it is coming in. There boat is called "Forth" (their forth boat). We spend most of the afternoon sunbathing on the beach in Shallow bay. That evening we dinghy over to Fossil Bay and visit the docks. There is a amazing sunset as we head back.

Late that night the wind picks up, and picks up until we have 25 gusting to 40. All those small boat with very small anchors are drifting around. Finally the owners come out by dinghy and motor than round until the wind drops some. Our bruce anchor holds well.

5-30 Up at 7 to see where all those boats ended up. Many are rafted to other boats on the government buoys. Our friend from "Forth" comes over saying that he is gaining much coincidence in his boat. His anchor also held and the boat suffered no damage from the storm. The wind is still blowing but far less. After breakfast we head over to Blanchard's Cove on Patos Island. It is empty and very calm and warm. We are delighted!

We call our friends from "Forth" and invite them over and soon they are rafted by us. After lunch, we take the dinghies over towards the other end of the island and hike to the point, then the pass, and finally back across the island to the dinghies.

On the way we see much sea life. After dinner we all assemble in "Forth" to watch a movie.

5-31 Up at 7 to a somewhat cloudy, cool day. That's OK, since we must head back today. We motor all the way back to Anacortes, stopping only at Cyprus Island for lunch. The boat is out on its trailer by about 4:30.